Create Your Own Recurring Software
by Owning MSGLock

Lead generation is the life of any business. Online or offline. If you can master lead generation, you’ll NEVER be out of business.

It’s the oldest and most time-tested skill. And it’s obviously not going anywhere.

So imagine applying brand new technology, that’s up to date with how content is consumed and using that technology to diversify how you build and reach your leads?

Facebook messaging is taking over the internet marketing space, that’s a fact. Email marketing has always been the ‘go-to’ method for generating income online. Content is only growing day by day.

What happens when you add all of the above together – in ONE dashboard?


Now, with so many marketers looking to generate leads worldwide – how many do you think have seen MSGLock? Less than 0.1% is a conservative guess!

Avoid the Headaches of Development
and Expensive Coding!

Get instant access to a software that has been in development for months and cost over 5 figures to build!

Software is by far the easiest way to build a business online, but there is a HUGE barrier to entry. People don’t have capital to fund projects, development takes MONTHS and managing developers is guaranteed to have you running for the hills shouting “HELP!”.

If you know me and have purchased my software before, you’ll know I put a HUGE emphasis on design, simplicity and user-experience to make it operate without any hitches.

Today, with this software offer, you’re able to skip that entire process and get access to the white label rights to MSGLock.

Now you can focus on what you’re good at, marketing! Forget the software development aspect, it’s now irrelevant. Not only that, selling MSGLock is easy because it’s new technology, it solves a huge problem and it generates an instant ROI!

You Can Reach Another 1% of Marketers with MSGLock
... Easy Enough, Right?

Build a Sustainable Business
Without Worrying About a Product!

You’re being given the keys to a proven-seller that hasn’t been seen by 99.9% of marketers looking to generate leads.

Do you think you could get a few customers by putting it in front of another 1% of marketers?

Post it on Facebook, run Facebook ads, tell your friends, recruit affiliates, send emails. The opportunities to sell this are endless!

Imagine Offering them a Plug & Play Solution to
Generating Two Types of Leads from
4 Different Types of Content?

We are limiting this offer to the first 100 buyers to reduce competition for those of you who take advantage of this offer.
Your Very Own Admin Panel to Manager Users and Accounts
  • Manage your users through your very own admin panel.
  • See how many users you have.
  • Add, edit and delete users easily using your new admin dashboard.
100% Rebranding and Customization
  • Rebrand MSGLock to fit your very own brand.
  • Upload your own logo, customize colors and more!
  • Include your own branded URL!
  • Keep 100% of each sale
  • Keep every single lead you generate (we don’t touch these)
Use Our Marketing Materials (NEW)
  • This is never offered, but get instant access to our home page in a PSD format so you can edit it to sell MSGLock without spending anything on a new design.
  • Get instant access to our video script!
  • Get instant access to our copy script.

We’re also extending our 30 day refund guarantee for MSGLock White Label Rights.

If you get MSGLock White Label Rights today, we’ll take on all the risk! It’s an opportunity for you to start a sustainable software business.

If you have ANY questions about the setup, support or anything else, just send us a support ticket at any time of the day and we’ll get you up and running in no time!

In the even more unlikely event you’re just not thrilled with the results the white label license delivers, contact us for a refund. We’ll send your investment back without delay.

Go ahead and invest today with confidence, knowing you have nothing to risk.


Start Your Own Successful Software Business Right Now
Without ANY Product Headaches or Hassles!

As a Charter Member of MSGLock, start selling
MSGLock as your own for a ONE-TIME PRICE of … $1997, $997!

White Label 100 Licenses
  • 100 Licenses
  • No Launch Rights
MSGLock White Label (100 Licenses)
White Label 500 Licenses
  • 500 Licenses
  • Launch Rights Included
MSGLock White Label (500 Licenses)
No thanks, I don’t want to sell MSGLock as my own software. I’d like to go to my existing purchases.

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start selling MSGLock?

You can start selling your white label on the 1st of November. Once our launch period is over, we'll be working on white label packages and delivering them to you on November 1st. We'll be working with you getting everything set up so you're ready for November 1st.

What do you I get when I purchase a MSGLock Exclusive White Label License?

The MSGLock software is a web based tool that is designed to assist anyone doing lead generation marketing or looking to generate leads. This software allows anyone to generate 2 of the most powerful leads from any of their content (blog posts, lead magnets, PDFs or videos) during consumption (instead of before or after). With this exclusive White Label License, you get access to the admin rights of this tool and can provide access to your customers.

Does it include the PRO Version?

As a white label user, you’re able to re-sell the main version and keep everything (we don't take a cut).

What are Launch Rights?

Launch rights allow you to re-launch this offer on JVZoo, ClickBank or any other marketing platform.

Will I get a script that I install on my server?

No, you don’t get a script that you install on a server because it’s a web-based application including proprietary code which we can't give out. So you get a login to an unbranded domain name and generate your own branded domain name for your brand new software.

Why does this restriction exist?

Most people who buy white label scripts as source code never succeed because they have to set up a lot of configurations and settings. We want to make it simple for you. We want to host it for you so you just have to take care of the selling.

What will I get from this MSGLock Exclusive White Label License?
  • Branding with your own domain
  • You can use your own logo
  • You can choose the color scheme
  • You can sell up to 500 licenses
  • You can insert your own support desk information to handle your customers and ensure they are satisfied.
Can my customers create accounts?

No. They can only use the login credentials that are sent to them. They do not have the permissions to add THEIR own customers (they will be able to use the main software rebranded by you – they do not have access to a white label license like you do).

Can I log in to the MSGLock software from any computer with my username and password, or am I limited to a single computer?

The product is completely web based and to access your account, all you need is internet access!

What is a sub-domain?

The sub-domain is a unique URL that is created for you. Your customers will access your tool using this unique URL. The name of the sub domain cannot be changed/edited once created. You will also be able to use your own branded domain.

How do I track how many customers I have created/sold to?

Inside of your White Label admin panel you have full management over all your customers.

Can I giveaway a license or give it away as a bonus for other products?

No, you can't giveaway this product as a bonus or for free. You only have the rights to sell it.

No thanks, I don’t want to sell MSGLock as my own. I’d like to go to my existing purchases.