If You Want to Boost the Amount of Email & Messenger Leads You Generate with MSGLock Without Any Ad Costs,
It’s Important You Read This:

Hey, Brad Stephens here.

First and most importantly, thank you and congratulations for getting inside of MSGLock.

You’re about to see how this brand new lead generation technology can take your business to the next level with double the marketing power – a new up-to-date way of doing lead generation. It’s literally revolutionizing how people generate leads and you’re getting in on the ground floor!

MSGLock by itself makes it stupidly easy for anyone to generate leads.

But it would be wrong of me not to chat with you about how you can automate your lead generation so that you have an endless supply of fresh, hungry prospects to email and send messages to and convert into customers.

Increase Your Conversions & Traffic by Unlocking This…

In order to take full advantage of MSGLock, you need to create content in order to lock it and generate leads. Creating a single piece of content is a time-consuming, grueling task for anyone. Before today, the only way you could do this was by spending hours writing each piece of content, or outsourcing it (which never comes back as you’d like it to and you end up editing it yourself anyways).

This is extremely frustrating and limiting and means you’re essentially forced to generate leads slowly.

So I got to thinking…

How can we automate the entire content generation process, so that you don’t have to put in the sleepless, highly-caffeinated nights anymore?

How can we take a burden, and turn it into a pleasure?

I’m excited to announce that with MSGLock Pro, we’ve truly done just that (and more).

Time to kick your feet up, and let MSGLock Pro take the wheel.

Welcome to an exciting opportunity to expand your lead generation with unlimited content WITHOUT needing to write a single word at all.

Automated New Supply of FRESH CONTENT Today Without Any Extra Work

MSGLock PRO breaks the limits of having to create content first, before running a MSGLock campaign (I don’t need to explain the headaches content creation causes). It AUTOMATICALLY creates fresh, high-quality and high-ranking content that people are going to NEED to unlock (and generate you leads)!

No writing content necessary (and therefore more time you can spend on growing your business!)

This opens you up to 10x more leads AND TRAFFIC because you no longer need to write a single word of content. Not only is this going to help your lead generation with MSGLock, but you also get the extra added traffic from Google by putting out unique and quality content to your blog (without any extra work).

Not only that, but you can truly be creative with this content stream, and diversify how you use MSGLock across ANY marketing page you own (videos, blog posts, PDF files or even locking lead magnets).

As a result, lead conversion rates are through the roof because you are no longer limited by how fast your fingers can type…

It’s all the benefits your already know are associated with MSGLock, but opened up with unlimited content to make it simple for you.

Remember, these are leads you can contact 24/7, 365 days a year with new offers, discounts etc.

Think about that for a second…

You’re expanding this world’s first lead generation technology to collecting leads DURING consumption (not before or after) to UNLIMITED CONTENT!

We’re replacing the ONE limiting factor with generating leads from content.

Not only are you getting access to automated content creation but you’re also expanding this content to ANYONE who watches one of your videos, reads one of your blog posts, views a PDF file or wanted to download one of your lead magnets

…which you can ALSO create automatically using MSGLock.

That’s HUNDREDS, THOUSANDS and even TENS of THOUSANDS of potential email or Messenger leads at your fingertips…

Hamster Wheel of Content Creation
Sound Familiar?

You see, with creating content, the number one problem IS creating the content. It’s SUCH a labor-intensive task that has your back aching by the time you’re done… It mentally DRAINS you for the rest of the day.

And with a lot of tasks you can put it off as “not-important”. Not with content creation. It’s literally the cornerstone and foundation of brand-building, traffic, lead generation and conversions.

The second problem is making sure it’s VALUABLE to your target market. If it’s not valuable, people won’t want to consume it. You’re left second-guessing every sentence you write and whether it will be perceived as valuable or not. It’s mental torture.

The third problem is ensuring the content you have created (even if you’re taking inspiration from another blog) is unique. It’s important for rankings!

And finally, the fourth problem with content is having to manually take your content from your computer and create a blog post around it and then turn it into a PDF/eBook as a lead magnet.

The more ways you try and generate a lead, the more chances you have of capturing that lead (blog post, ebook/PDF lead magnet etc).

How does MSGLock PRO stand up to these 4 problems?
  • Create contenttick
  • Make it valuabletick
  • Make it unique for rankingstick
  • Multiply one content piece into multiple lead generation assetstick

So, how exactly do we turn you into
a content generation superstar?

Well, we allow you to paste in ANY blog post URL from ANY source. This allows you to find a valuable, proven piece of content (remember problem #2). These are so easy to find. Simply search your keywords into Google, or Facebook and see what is getting traction and ranking! This can be your own content, or someone else’s content.

Right there, we’ve killed 2 birds with one stone (automated, valuable content creation but we’re not done yet).

We’ll import this text for you, and with the click of a button it'll be re-written for you (our spinning engine) it so that comes out 100% unique. We’re making sure you rank passively for this content so you’re set up to get free traffic from search engines forever.

Finally, select how you want your content to be made for you! This can be a blog post, straight to WordPress or a PDF/ebook lead magnet (select one, or all).

So, with a few clicks of your mouse, you’ve turn a blog post (yours or someone else’s) into unique, high-ranking content across three campaign types inside of MSGLock!

Turn that link you paste in step one, into a blog post, lead magnet, AND PDF all in one swoop.

This allows you to cover all the ways your visitors like to consume content, and multiply your lead generation 3 different ways without any extra work…

This multiplies your chances of generating a lead by 3 times, from the exact same content!

Introducing "MSGLock PRO"

  • Expand your opportunities from MSGLock by automating 100% of your content creation!
  • Eliminates the BIGGEST headache with ANY lead generation campaign – never write a single word again.
  • Turn ANY web page (you don’t even need to own it) into the most valuable, unique, high-ranking content to guarantee you not only generate leads but you turn those leads into customers.
  • Source only the highest quality content!
  • Spin your content from the blog post you pasted in to guarantee it’s not only good value for your prospects but that it’s UNIQUE for SEO ranking (free traffic).
  • Multiply your chances of success by 3x by automatically turning your one content piece into 3 content pieces!

Your Email & Messenger Leads, Traffic and Conversions
Increase with MSGLock PRO Features

Turn Any Blog Post or Web Page into Lead Syncing Content with One Click

Just by upgrading to PRO, you’re able to paste in ANY blog post link or 3rd-party web page link (other people’s content or your own… it doesn’t matter!).

With one click, convert that into unique content for your MSGLock campaigns. This means you’re getting already proven, high value content that has AUTHORITY!

Unique Spinning Technology Takes Over for You

Why be limited to word-for-word content from the existing blog post link you pasted in? Take it to the next level to guarantee your content is unique! Spin and spin and spin! Boost your lead generation to new levels, and enjoy the free added benefit of extra SEO rankings without lifting a finger!

Authority Content - Automated

We’re not pulling content from thin air. This content is pulled from ANY link you like. So you can find content that is established and links that are providing VALUABLE and HELPFUL content already!

Download and spin (automatically rewrite) this content with confidence, knowing you’re one step away from engaged, fresh leads coming in daily!

Multiply Your Content 3x

This is where the magic happens! Up until now, you simply have unique text. Using MSGLock Pro, turn that unique, high-ranking, fresh text content into every single campaign type!

Yes, turn that one blog post into your very own unique blog post, lead magnet AND PDF. Yes, you’ll have your very own PDF/ebook builder for locking PDFs and creating lead magnets 😊

That’s 3 different locking opportunities! So for each piece of content, you’re multiplying your chances of success by 3.

Sync Content to eBook Builder

Yes! With MSGLock PRO, you get access to our eBook/PDF builder which will allow you to create lead magnets on the fly.

Never have to manually copy, paste, format, design and 100 other small tasks.

Combine your third-party content with our templates and design module to have a ready-to-go eBook from ANY content in just a few steps - without writing a single word!

Plug into MSGLock

We already know the power behind MSGLock, now you can take your automated content 4 different ways.

Use your same unique content you’ve just produced with one click inside MSGLock PRO, and create 4 different locking campaigns!

See how powerful this gets?

Making Lead Generating FUN Again

Lead generation has always appeared ‘boring’ to everyone. This is simply due to the fact that they know in order to do lead generation, there is a MOUNTAIN of content to create to provide VALUE to subscribers.

Talk about moving mountains!

If You’re Serious About Success with this
New Lead Generation Era, Don’t Limit

If you say no to MSGLock PRO, that means:

  • You’re saying NO to the simplest, fastest way to proven results with AUTOMATED content creation.
  • You’re leaving yourself more work, testing, and time before seeing results.
  • You’re happy to sit and write your own content for hours or even DAYS at a time.
  • You’re happy to say no to an endless stream of fresh, happy, buyer-leads coming in daily.
  • You’re saying no to the beginning of a gold rush opportunity of being able to sync email or Messenger leads within content AND being able to create that content automatically.
  • You’re leaving the best leads (that are hiding right under your nose) for your competition to scoop up instead of you.
  • You risk never getting the success you want from your lead generation and marketing campaigns, giving up on a future that could be so amazing so quickly.
WHY risk all of that, when MSGLock PRO is 100% risk-free?
Do not deny your business what it needs.

It's Your Time to Log Into Your Accounts Every
and See Leads Coming In...

Remember, since you know the MSGLock software works, doesn’t it make sense to get the Pro version that allows you to run campaigns PERFECTLY, AUTOMATICALLY and INSTANTLY to MORE PROSPECTS from unique content?

That’s why this opportunity today can net you thousands upon thousands of dollars this month alone.

And it’d be a shame for you to miss out. Do you want to spend hours finding content ideas and then spending DAYS mapping out that content and writing it word by word, page by page? Or do you want your content to be automatically created and added into your MSGLock account and leads added to your lists every day?

This opportunity is giving you the freedom and flexibility to create even more wealth for yourself. We cannot wait to watch you crush it with this incredible MSGLock PRO opportunity. Click the button below to get the MSGLock PRO license now.


Unlock the Pro Content Automation Features and Break Free
of Any Limits You’re Facing to Instantly Benefit From
New Hungry Buyer Email Leads,
Increased Conversions & More!

  • Turn Unlimited 3rd Party Content into Your Own Unique Content
  • Spin The Content to Guarantee Uniqueness
  • Export Unique Content to Blog Posts, PDFs and Lead Magnets
  • Unlimited eBook/PDF Builder Usage
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Unlimited Campaigns
One-Time Price Expiring After Launch Period
Your low one-time investment is protected by a 30 day refund guarantee

Are You on the Fence?

Get access to MSGLock Pro today and put it through its paces. I’m so confident it will live up to every claim on this page, that I’ll take on all of the risk. Check it out for 30 days, risk free. And I’m not stopping there…

I guarantee that when you use MSGLock PRO, you’ll effortlessly (automatically) create truly unique and valuable content. This will mean you’ll no longer have to sit for hours or days writing up content you HOPE will be valuable. You’re also no longer limiting the number of campaigns you can create with MSGLock. Not only that, you’re tapping into the ultimate level of lead diversification and it’s going to lead to a boost conversion rates.

In a nutshell, I guarantee that if you apply the software, you’ll see a higher ROI on your marketing campaigns.

It’s not an accident that thousands of thrilled customers continue to use my products today. The bottom line is that these solutions provide real results to real people.

If at any point over the next 30 days you experience a technical issue, just get in touch with the support desk and we’ll work swiftly to resolve it.

In the even more unlikely event you’re just not thrilled with the results the software delivers, contact us for a refund. We’ll send your investment back without delay.

Go ahead and invest today with confidence, knowing you have nothing to risk.