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Collect both Email AND Messenger leads for the best combination of delivery and conversions

Marketers & Entrepreneurs
Who Trust MSGLock

Abhi Dwivedi CEO | Vega6 Webwares

It's no wonder a product like MSGLock is being released. I've seen the ups and the downs of the current lead generation platforms that exist and I have to admit that MSGLock is a breath of fresh air. MSGLock does an amazing job of generating engaged leads that actually want to hear from you - on two different platforms. A must-have tool for marketers!

Wilco de Kreij

This looks cool! Haven't seen any intuitive tools that fix this problem yet, so kudos (and thanks!!) for taking this to the market!

Adam Payne

I love the simplicity and effectiveness of MSGLock. It is simple to use yet super effective. If you are serious about building an email list, FB messenger list or both, then pick the sup and put it to work. Not only that, Brad and his team are super responsive and helpful which is rare these days.

Joe di Siena

I do so much lead generation already for various businesses, adding this is basically going to double my conversions (doubling my reach). Why didn’t I think of this before? Two thumbs up from me.

The World’s BEST Platform For Turning Content Into Leads & Profits

MSGLock Is Your Solution For Building POWERFUL Email &
Messenger Leads
From Inside Your Blog Posts,
Lead Magnets, PDFs
and Even Videos!

  • The most advanced system for generating ENGAGED leads from ANY content marketing strategy
  • Makes the expensive ‘old-school’ way of doing lead generation seem silly
  • DOUBLE your list building results by syncing email leads & Messenger leads… with NO extra work required!
  • No more manually exporting/importing leads; MSGLock automatically syncs to your favorite autoresponder
  • Never have to log into multiple platforms to generate leads again
  • Works with ALL 3rd-party Messenger bots
  • Leverage your content in ways never before possible

Hey, Brad Stephens here.

As a marketer, you understand the power of leveraging content for lead generation. But let’s take a step back for a second.

We’ve come a long way since Bill Gates coined the term “content is king” in his 1996 essay (don’t worry this is not a history lesson).

The WAY content is produced & consumed has changed SO MUCH that you can’t even look at it the same way. But here’s the real problem:

Lead Generation HAS NOT Evolved With The Times

Content is still king (who am I to argue with Bill Gates?) and it continues to lead the way for traffic generation, business building and brand recognition.

So why haven’t we UPDATED our methods for lead generation to keep up with the changes in the way content is consumed?

Content used to be valued up front - scratch that - content and real value was worshipped.

Until recently, you could simply provide valuable information without asking for anything in exchange - and THAT WAS ENOUGH for people to remember you & your brand. This upfront value created trust & authority which led to sales.

But things are MUCH different today:

  • We’re forced to giveaway items of ridiculous value to have ANY chance of people opting in… software, complete video series’, expensive graphics, consultations… things we should be charging BIG DOLLARS for
  • We invest in expensive page building software or hire designers to TRY and optimize our lead pages to get just below-average conversions
  • We create video after video, spend HOURS building up social profiles & pages, and basically churn out MORE content for LOWER results

The Truth Hurts… Today, Nobody Cares About You

There’s so much information online and it’s so freely available that you can’t blame your prospect for not remembering you.

You’re forgotten the second someone leaves your post or video.

So what do we do? Create MORE content… hire others to do it… pay for MORE traffic… until we’re burned out, broke and fed up.

There HAS to be a better way.

A way to work smarter instead of harder… and get better results.

A way to turn ANY piece of content into a list building machine that generates BOTH email and Messenger leads … for the ultimate in delivery and conversions.

Until now, there simply hasn’t been a way to do this.

Imagine A REVOLUTIONARY Way To Drive Leads
DIRECTLY From Your Content And Sync
Them Onto TWO Powerful Platforms

  • WITHOUT spending HOURS each day creating content (or paying others to do it)
  • WITHOUT outdated, low-converting optin pages
  • WITHOUT spending more money to get traffic

DOUBLE Your Profitability Instantly By Siphoning
BOTH Email And FB Messenger Leads
From Your Content!

When you diversify your lead generation… you get the best of both worlds. The unheard of 100% delivery rate of Messenger… and the unrivalled power of email for conversions.

Picture leveraging every blog post, eBook, PDF and video in a way that gives your audience value… and gives YOU hyper-targeted leads without lifting a finger.

MSGLock does EXACTLY that.

Here’s why this is so important:

Assume you’re running a ‘traditional’ content marketing strategy. You’ve spent a few days writing a blog post on how to profit from FB ads and it’s truly going to inspire people.

You throw up a landing page with an optin form to collect emails before prospects can read your content… because you know just putting it out there will mean people will read the content and forget you the instant they leave (ouch).

Then you run traffic to your page but people aren’t opting in for the content… and you’re back to square one.

It’s a lose-lose situation.

You COULD just share your content without asking people to subscribe, only to find your info is taken for granted and you’re quickly forgotten…


You COULD build a landing page with an optin form and just HOPE people subscribe and actually use a legitimate email address

You’re stuck pulling your hair out at the end of the week…

WHY isn’t this working?!

You’re either not generating leads at all, OR the leads you collect often use throwaway email addresses so they’ll NEVER get your messages.

The cards are stacked against you.

It has nothing to do with the quality of your content or landing page.

It’s that lead generation technology is stuck in the 90s ...


Today’s prospects are NOT putting the same VALUE on content as they once did.

The biggest problem is that no technology exists that ADAPTS to how people consume content these days.

Until now.

Introducing... MSGLock

New "Hybrid" Tech For Converting ANY Of Your Content
Into Both Email AND Messenger Leads

Up until now, we’ve been able to use page builders to easily create landing pages with optin forms.

In theory, prospects optin in order to access your content. This ‘lead magnet’ could be a training course, blog post, article, PDF, video, case study, etc.

Once subscribed, you can follow up with these new leads anytime through email.

The alternative is to just put your content out there without any optin and hope people don’t forget who you are. There are some companies that do this for brand building… but it means having a MASSIVE budget for paid ads.

Old School Lead Generation
ISN'T Working Anymore?

The challenge with outdated landing pages or using free content combined with paid ads is this:

Either way, you’re making prospects bash through walls to get to your content.

They’ve got to optin in by entering an email… OR see your ad every time they open FB to remember who you are.

People are smart enough to simply close your page, then do a Google search for the topic on your lead page to get the info they want without subscribing.

This is exactly how our lead generation strategies are completely out of sync with how people consume content.

We're KILLING Our Relationships
With Leads Before They Even Start!

60% - 70% of people that land on our optin page never enter their email.

And of those that DO... about half use a FAKE email so you have no chance of connecting with them ever again.

What do you get at the end of all this?

The time & effort invested into creating valuable content

Pathetically low optin rates and highly expensive costs per lead

Unengaged subscribers that don’t open or buy

People that enter throwaway email addresses

Time Consuming
Bad Results
Negative User Experience

The big problem is obvious…

With outdated methods, the money is NOT in your list anymore!

Automate Lead Generation From INSIDE Of Your Content

MSGLock Is Your All-In-One Solution To
PROFITABLE List Building

MSGLock combines cutting edge technology with PROVEN psychology to pack your list full of hyper-engaged, targeted subscribers… people that LOVE your content and are EAGER to hear from you.

Here’s how:

  • A user actively chooses to engage with a piece of your content - by watching a video, checking out a blog post, accessing a PDF etc…
  • DURING consumption, a portion of your content becomes restricted and in order to continue, the user must optin
  • This POWERFUL persuasion strategy converts prospects that are ALREADY interested into hyper-engaged leads!

The same technology lets you collect BOTH email OR FB Messenger leads effortlessly as prospects consume any type of your content:

Text Content

(lock any section of text during reading blog posts, articles, etc)

Lead Magnets

(unlock files to download - such as "Download Our Top 10 Ad Templates" on any page)

PDF Files

(lock during reading - set any page for locking to occur)


(lock during viewing)

This hybrid tech - that until now simply didn’t exist - means you get:

  • Sky high optin rates at an incredibly low cost
  • Super-engaged leads... meaning more opens and more sales
  • Legitimate email addresses from people that WANT to hear from you
  • The lowest cost per lead you’ve ever seen
  • Loyal lifelong customers

Integrate ANY autoresponder and run campaigns with ANY third-party FB Messenger bot/software… the choice is yours.

Once your content is ready, just plug MSGLock in and your lead generation is automated forever!

The Simple 5 Step MSGLock Process

Select Your Content Type

Select any content you would like to lock. This includes any text on any webpage, any downloadable file (lead magnet), any PDF file or any video.

Select Your Lead Type

In a world-first, select whether you’d like to unlock your content by collecting email AND Messenger leads!

Select Your Lock Style

There’s nothing worse than boring, stale opt-in forms. Use our beautiful templates to make sure opting in is a seamless, pleasing experience.

Customize Everything

Customize your locking message and experience so it suits your brand’s image and tone!

Place Your Locking Script

Place one line where you want the locking to start in your content, and another where you want it to stop locking. That’s it! Your content is ready to pull in leads and sales automatically!

For The First Time EVER … You’re Pulling In FB Messenger AND Email
From Every Content Source DURING Consumption...
Leads You Can Sell To At ANY Time

Seeing Is Believing … Watch The Short Demo To See How Easy It Is

MSGLock SIMPLIFIES And Automates TWO Types Of Lead
From ALL Of Your Content… WITHOUT
The Hassles, Costs Or Frustration Of Outdated
List Building Methods

A Brand New Way Of Generating PROFITABLE Leads Using The #1 Method For Driving Traffic & Building Your Brand...

4 Different Types of Content to "Lock"

Select any type of content you want to generate Email or Messenger leads from. This includes text content on any web page, downloadable files (lead magnets), PDF viewing as well as any video!

Sync Email & Messenger Leads

In a world-first, select whether you’d like to unlock your content by collecting email AND Messenger leads!

Multiple Template Styles

It wouldn’t be new-age if we didn’t have some amazing templates up our sleeve! Pick a style that suits your brand and campaign.

Easy to Install

Simply choose where you want the content to start locking, and where you want it to end. Done!

Customize The Opt-in Experience

We want you to be able to customize everything your prospect experiences so that it fits your campaign and style. Make the entire opt-in process YOURS.

"Lock" Anywhere During The Content Viewing

In a new way of doing lead generation that matches the state of content consumption, allow your visitor to read or view part of your content before locking it - leading to higher opt-in rates, engagement and sales! Customize exactly where in your content you want this experience to occur.

Integrates with All Major Autoresponders

MSGLock integrates with all major auto-responders! We even offer custom HTML if your auto-responder isn't integrated. No imports or exports are necessary using this brand new software. Leads are synced directly to any email list of your choice!

Use With ANY Third-Party Facebook Messenger Software

Don’t worry if you already own a Facebook Messenger software. MSGLock is not a Facebook Messenger bot. MSGLock focuses on the lead generation process and therefore allows you to integrate with any third-party FB Messenger/bot software.

Works with All Websites and Page Builders

Of course, we’ve worked hard to make sure that our platform works with ANY system you use. This includes all page builders and websites, files and videos.

Eye-Catching Analytics

You're able to see exactly how your lead generation campaigns are doing. This is essential to know which campaigns are performing! See the number of views, leads, conversion rates and more!

Disappointed With Lead Generation Methods That Aren’t Working?

Give MSGLock A Risk-Free Try And Put The MONEY
Into Your List With This Advanced Technology!

  • Stop letting your content be consumed and spat out for nothing.
  • Stop letting others tell you “content is king” while not telling you the best way to USE the content.
  • Stop breaking engagement by putting a landing page with an opt-in form before the content.
  • Stop losing 50% of your leads due to old-school methods and techniques.
  • Stop limiting your lead generation and content-locking to only email.
  • Stop losing sales due to poor diversification strategies. Diversify to Messenger too!
  • Stop working so hard and seeing zero results.
  • Stop spending thousands of dollars generating traffic to an out-dated system stacked against you!

Increase Leads, Engagement & ONGOING Profits With MSGLock

Time To Create Profitable Lists The SMART Way And
Leave Your Competition In The Dust

  • You deserve more from your content!
  • Turn every person consuming your content into a LEAD and customer for life.
  • Automatically sync both email AND Messenger leads for the ultimate diversification package.
  • Imagine having your content actually bringing you leads and sales daily, for the first time.
  • Once set up, let it run completely automatically.
  • For the first time ever, collect email leads and Messenger leads from FOUR different types of content!
  • Build trust, loyalty and engagement with momentum from consuming your content!
  • Be rewarded and let your hard work and value stand out from the crowd.
  • Reduce your Facebook advertising spend by getting CHEAPER, higher-converting and more engaged leads.

Who is MSGLock For?

ANYONE that realizes qualified leads are
the cornerstone of profits.

If you’re a complete beginner (brand new to lead generation) then this is going to help you make your first real, engaged lead and sale today. Never before has there been an easier way to ACTUALLY take advantage of something you hear everyday - “Content Is King”.

Perhaps you’re an intermediate marketer, seeing some results but still struggling with lead generation. MSGLock will increase your bottom line significantly & build out passive income streams with your new easy way of generating leads from your content!

Maybe you’re an advanced marketer running profitable campaigns left, right and center. MSGLock will take your business to heights you never thought possible. Double your optin rates, get massive engagement, and diversify your leads with this proven “plug & play” method to supercharge your lead generation.

MSGLock Plugs Into YOUR Business INSTANTLY
And Is The EASIEST Way To Collect
AND Monetize New Leads

Jono Amstrong

With all products coming out recently, this is finally something completely unique and the fact that it plugs into any of my existing content means I can integrate it seamlessly and sync email & messenger leads more efficiently than I already am!

Sam Robinson

With traditional squeeze pages and content locking becoming less and less effective at getting leads MSGLock is a breath of fresh air. With its in depth customization and easy options to turn visitors into leads this software is a must have for any marketer in 2018, 2019 and beyond!

Oliver Goodwin

MSGLock is a fresh new way of locking content that allows my visitors/customers to view my content and lock it during consumption while engagement is high. This easily leads to higher conversions and more qualified leads for my business. The best part is that it allows me to lock my content 4 different ways which other content-locking solutions offer only one way to lock content!!

Limited LAUNCH ONLY Bonuses...

  • #1

    Messenger Marketing Course

    $997 Value - FREE Today

    This is something out of the ordinary that you don't see often, but because MSGLock is so important I've decided to throw in an ALL INCLUSIVE Messenger Marketing course valued at $997. This course contains over 30+ chapters covering how to get started with Messenger Marketing all the way to advanced strategies.

    This will help you generate more Messenger subscribers, as well as monetize them.

  • #2

    MSGLock WordPress Plugin

    $27 Value - FREE Today

    During launch week ONLY, when you purchase MSGLock you get access to our special WordPress plugin that makes integrating MSGLock with your WordPress site a seamless experience.

    Lock content within your posts with a few clicks right inside of your WordPress editor.

Turn Your Content DIRECTLY Into Leads, Sales And Profits

Get Instant Access to MSGLock for One LOW Price Now!

Sync Everyone Engaging With YOUR Content Directly To Any Email & FB Messenger List And Watch Sales Soar

Enjoy LONG TERM Profits From A Constant Daily Flow Of Targeted Leads

MSGLock One Time
  • Unlimited Email Leads
  • Unlimited Messenger Leads
  • Unlimited Locking Experiences
  • GDPR Compliant
Buy Now

One time fee, no recurring charges.

MSGLock Monthly
  • 1,000 Email Leads a Month
  • 5 Facebook Pages
  • 10 Locking Experiences
  • GDPR Compliant
Buy Now

Still On The Fence? Relax, you’re covered with

The MSGLock 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Get access to MSGLock today and put it through its paces. I’m so confident it will live up to every claim on this page, that I’ll take on all of the risk. Check it out for 30 days, risk free. And I’m not stopping there…

When you use MSGLock, you’ll effortlessly create ultra-targeted Email and Facebook Messenger leads from every piece of content you have or create. This will not only effortlessly turn every content piece into an asset, it makes it work for you and becomes the ultimate diversification tool and is going to lead to unbelievable conversion rates and a huge boost in profits.

It’s not an accident that thousands of thrilled customers continue to use my products today. The bottom line is that these solutions provide real results to real people, and are mostly first-to-market solutions. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of the next big wave.

If at any point over the next 30 days you experience a technical issue, just get in touch with the support desk and we’ll work swiftly to resolve it.

In the even more unlikely event you’re just not thrilled with the results the software delivers, contact us for a refund. We’ll send your money back without any delay.

Go ahead and invest today with confidence, knowing you have nothing to risk.

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions

How is This Different from Other Content Locking Apps?

MSGLock is not an ordinary content locking platform. First of all, it’s the world’s first all-in-one solution which has never been done before. It locks all different types of content from text content in blog posts, landing pages and websites to downloadable files (lead magnets), viewing of PDFs as well as video content. The locking can be initiated anywhere during the consumption of the content so it’s 100% customizable. This leads to a better user-experience and lets the content shine through, leading the way to a more engaged lead (and customer).

We’re bringing lead generation up to speed with the way content creation has not only grown to different mediums, but how it is freely available and consumed.

It also takes ‘traditional’ lead generation with content locking a step further and can incentivize viewers to unlock the content using either their email address OR they can sign up to a Messenger list too. That’s two different types of leads that you can generate so that you can build two truly diversified assets through which you can contact and interact with your audience to generate sales.

Is This Email, GDPR & Facebook Compliant?

Yes, MSGLock is 100% compliant.

Does MSGLock Integrate with All Major Auto-Responders?

Yes, we integrate with all major auto-responders. If your auto-responder is not on the list then we'll be continuously expanding our integrations to accommodate you. We also offer custom HTML form integration if you are using an auto-responder that we haven't integrated with yet.

How Does MSGLock Tie Into Third-Party Facebook Messenger/Bot Software?

MSGLock is independent of all Facebook Messenger bot software and therefore doesn’t store any Facebook Messenger leads. You can still use your third-party Messenger bot software to send your broadcasts and create your messaging funnels. You simply get your “Send to Messenger” button code from your existing Messenger bot platform and paste it into MSGLock. It’s as easy at that!

Will This Work on my Mac?

Yes! MSGLock is a fully cloud-based solution and will work on any operating system. All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go.

Is Training Included?

Absolutely - a complete video knowledge base is included to walk you through every step of setting up and operating the software.